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Bob's Big Give remains poised to help those in need

Reflecting on a charitable year

BBG LogoCreated by Bob Sewall more than a decade ago, Bob’s Big Give is today a 501 (c) (3) charity that works with social service agencies and churches to identify families who could use a little extra help, largely during the holidays, but throughout the year as well.

"We exist to give back to the community, and smiles belong on every face at this time of year," Bob Sewall told his team at a recent event. "Giving reason for a smile around the holidays is what warms our hearts and inspires us."

Things are good for most of us: the economy keeps getting stronger, interest rates have stayed low and inflation has not arrived as some predicted. For many of us, this will mean great things to celebrate this New Year.

But for those in our communities who are less fortunate, they are not going to be so cheery. By the time some families are done addressing the expenses of heating their homes, getting warm (enough) clothes on themselves and their children and fending off the next big setback life throws at them, there may be little left for them to take a well deserved breath.

Looking back at 2017 we see a year that was made all the better by helping those in need where we could, when we could. Bob’s Big Give was happy to make a donation to support a back-to-school event called “Summerfest,” at Restoration Worship, 1090 Eddy Street in Providence, RI. As part of the event, 250 children received a backpack filled with school supplies donated by Bob’s Big Give, including notebooks, folders, crayons and pencils.

Blount EVP Bob Sewall 2014 300pxWide“Summerfest is a community outreach program designed specifically to get kids excited about the start of the school year,” said Bob Sewall, founder and chairman of Bob’s Big Give. “More importantly, our support of this event helped ensure 250 Providence children started the school year with many of the supplies needed for success. This is a wonderful event hosted by a very worthy organization, which we are thrilled to support.”

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Blount Fine Foods remembers that with each time we are able to give back to the community we make ourselves stronger as a whole. From donating hundreds of Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinners, to providing toys, blankets, warm clothes and even vouchers for heating oil, the Big Give works hard to be there for those who could use a hand-up, but won’t accept a hand-out.

Over the Christmas season Bob's Big Give was also able to make a donation to the family of a young boy in the area who lives with Cerebral Palsy that will go towards pediatric bath support to make every day just a little bit easier.



Here are some the organizations we have aided:

The New Bedford’s Women’s Resource Center
Pastor Jim Davis of Faith and Hope Baptist Church with 50 Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners and Christmas Ham Dinners
Newport School System with over 75 Thanksgiving Turkey Dinners and Christmas Ham Dinners.
Fall River’s St. Vincent Home for Children withs toys and other supplies.

To learn more and make a donation, visit  And let your friends know by sharing @BobsBigGive on your social media.