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Tailgate Basics - Big Game L.I.

With Pro Football's Super Sunday Looming, It's Time To Heat Up The Chili

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To Julius Cesare and his fellow Romans, L.I. meant 51, which is exactly what it will mean this coming Sunday as the National Football League's two top teams, including the one in our own backyard with the power-runningback who wears our name on the back of his strapping shoulders, meet to decide who will hoist the 17-pound sterling silver statue, and make history for their city and their fans.

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Across America, we will come together as a community to enjoy the game at house parties and in restaurants and bars.  Whether a hard-core football fan, a fan of the TV commercials, or even Lady Gaga and her Halftime Spectacular, Super Bowl Sunday, and the weeks leading up to it, is a festive, celebratory time.  So it should come as no surprise that it requires festive, celebratory food and drink to fuel the party.

Whether you are a restaurant leader, or selling groceries to the host of a house party, you’ve undoubtedly been thinking about your Game Day offering. Heck, the time to roll out your menu is now!

No football-watching menu is complete without a good bowl of chili. Worried about quality of your chili offering, or concerned about the involved prep that comes with a showcase chili?  

Fear not. Blount offers four delicious chilis that are perfect for your tailgate party and the lead-up to it.

Our Angus Beef chili with beans is a traditional beef chili that everyone will love, with Angus beef, beans and select spices for some flair, this chili will certainly be a hit among your guests. 

Uncle Teddy's chili is a classic chili full of chunks of beef, kidney and pinto beans, and red and green peppers. Simmered in a flavorful blend of tomatoes and spices, this chili makes for a hearty meal.

Expecting guests who are not a fan of beef? Try turkey chili with beans. Made with tasty turkey, this chili is simmered in a rich, chunky tomato sauce with pungent spices guaranteed to make your mouth water. 

For your diet-conscious football fans, you can offer our delicious three bean chili. This party favorite has kidney beans, pinto beans, black beans, onions, corn and roasted red peppers in a rich tomato base. While it may lack meat, it does offer these popular attributes: low-fat, gluten-free, high in fiber, and vegetarian!

So if you're looking for some Super Bowl party snacks look no further. All four of these delicious and complementary chilis are delicious and bring something different to the table. 

Chili is football food!

Whether or not your cheering interest is aligned with ours, may this year's Big Game deliver thrills throughout, and may the one with "Blount" on the back of his jersey run like the wind...