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Blount Fine Foods: 2015 Fun Facts

A last look back on a great year

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Blount NECC575pxWith 2016 off and running, we thought we would take a quick look back at 2015 and pull out some interesting statistics from an overall great year.

In 2015, Blount Fine Foods generated 202 million delicious servings of soup, chowder, chili and bisque.  That’s the most in our history.

To make all that soup by hand, with the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible, we bring in a lot of fresh ingredients, including:

  • 1.5 million pounds of clams
  • 2 million pounds of potatoes
  • Almost a million pounds of carrots
  • 4 million pounds of onions

It takes a great team of people to make more than 200 million servings of the best soup in the world.  And when the weather starts to get cold, signifying the start of Soup Season, we need even more.  Our ranks swell from about 400 members of Team Blount, to more than 650 during our busy season.

Blount Organics 5 2015 250pxIt wasn’t just about volume in 2015.  It was also about great product development.  We kicked the year off by expanding the Blount Organics lineup of soups.  Our Savory Harvest Bisque was one of our best-received product launches in some time.  We also introduced a line of broth bowls for foodservice that have done very well so far.

We also expanded our Panera Bread line of retail products to include entrées and sides, which have been very well received by retailers and consumers.

Todd Blount Solar ArrayAlong the way, we broke ground on, topped-off, and then completed a 50,000 square foot expansion of our headquarters plant in Fall River, Mass.  As part of that expansion, we carefully preserved existing wetlands adjacent to the build site, and employed many environmentally friendly, “green” design and construction strategies. We followed that by also launching entrées and sides under the Blount and Blount Organics brands at retail.

SamSutterSigningBlountBeamWe celebrated the topping-off of the plant expansion in July and August with customers as well as state and local officials attending “Beam Signing” ceremonies.  The first ceremony was held during our second Blount Culinary Summit, which was held at our headquarters and in picturesque Newport, Rhode Island.  More than 120 retail and foodservice buyers and chefs joined company host Bob Sewall, EVP of Sales & Marketing, for two days of thoughtful dialog about the current and future state of the food business.

Caitlin Sewall servingVirtually every part of Blount Fine Foods grew in 2015, and 2016 looks to be just as good or better for everyone at Blount.  We are grateful for the success of 2015, and excited about the possibilities for 2016.

We hope you will stay tuned...