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Single 16-Ounce Cups Will Also Be Available In Bulk 4-Packs In Club Stores

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Fall River, Mass (August 6, 2014)
–Blount Fine Foods, Corp., a leading manufacturer of artisan soups, sauces and side dishes, today announced the addition of a line of 16-ounce organic soups, which will be sold at retail under the Blount brand.  This launch represents not only a product expansion of the Blount brand, but a channel expansion as well, as Blount-branded soups, while available at club stores nationally, have traditionally only been sold at grocery stores in the Northeast.  

In addition to single 16-ounce cups, Blount is also introducing 4-cup bulk packs for club stores.

“The enthusiasm and excitement among our customers for the Blount Organics line is very rewarding, and validates the potential of the Blount brand” said Bob Sewall, Blount’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “Organic products are no longer just a niche trend – ‘organics’ have made

it to the mainstream, and are a rapidly expanding consideration for consumers, especially those who demand quality.”

The new lineup, which will begin shipping nationally in September and is ready for immediate order, includes:

  • Organic Vegetable Chili – Hearty enough to satisfy any appetite, Blount’s Organic Vegetarian Chili features a robust medley of beans and generous cuts of vegetables

    simmered in a delicious vegetable stock and seasoned with zesty chili spices.
  • Minestrone Soup – Made with savory vegetable stock, beans, pasta, and a medley of vegetables, all slowly simmered to perfection, this traditional Italian favorite is also vegetarian.
  • Tomato Bisque – This gluten-free favorite is made with delicious ripe tomatoes and a creamy combination of milk, butter and spices to make this a flavorful (and memorable) treat.
  • Lentil & Chick Pea Soup – This hearty organic soup features lentils, chickpeas and tomatoes simmered in a herbed stock with select vegetables.

“While developing each product in the Blount Organics line, we paid close attention to using wholesome ingredients to keep our ingredient labels clean, sourcing locally whenever possible, employing small batch cooking to ensure layered flavors, and cooling each batch quickly – all of which equals simply the best quality, period,” added Sewall.

The Blount Organics line will be offered at retail in the familiar “fresh soup” 16-ounce cup specially designed by Blount for easy heating and eating, but will carry its own unique and distinct
branding and design.  Blount plans several retail promotions through the fall soup season to support the product launch.

The new Blount Organics line, which have a 50-day shelf life from the date of manufacture, will ship refrigerated in cases of six, 16 ounce cups.  Learn more at

About Blount Fine Foods

Blount Fine Foods is a family owned company that has been processing food since 1946. It is the largest manufacturer of lobster bisque in America and produces more than 350 proprietary soup recipes, including 75 varieties of clam chowder alone.  Its product lines include fresh and frozen gourmet soups for food-service and retail as well as premium side dishes. Blount’s gourmet soups and specialty foods are made with the finest and freshest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible, and handcrafted by a dedicated team through unparalleled customer collaboration.

Blount operates production facilities at its Fall River, Massachusetts headquarters and in Warren, Rhode Island.  Customers include national restaurant chains that have their custom soups made for them in accordance with their secret recipes. Similarly, the deli departments of many large and small supermarket chains offer Blount-created hot-to-go soup selections as well as fresh store-brand pre-packed soup cups.

Blount also carries a full line of fresh and frozen soups sold to Club Stores and Retailers nationwide under the Legal Sea Foods and Panera Bread brands.

Blount generates over 140 million servings of handcrafted gourmet soups each year.

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