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Blount "Organics" are the name of the game at NRA 2014

Booth #1631 is busy this weekend with enthusiastic samplers

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"Organic" soups are front and center at the 2014 National Restaurant Association's annual conference in Chicago.  Blount's new line of organic soups for foodservice have been a popular choice among the hundreds that have stopped at booth #1631 yesterday and today.  

"Traffic at the booth has been busy from start to finish of the tradeshow hours," Steve Blount, Jr., of Blount's sales team.  At a few points we were just mobbed, which is great, but also challenges us to give visitors the personal attention they deserve.

Another important theme for this year's show, according to Blount's EVP of Sales & Marketing Bob Sewall, is "quality," which Blount always strives to advance.

"Along w/ organics as a new line this year, our focus remains squarely on quality," said Sewall.  Quality comes from our multi-faceted approach to making soups and sides.  It is about developing recipes that lead to clean labels; using fresh ingredients, locally-sourced whenever possible; and especially small batch cooking and quick chill to ensure layered flavors."

Sewall believes Blount's commitment to each of these facets equals simply the best quality available in the marketplace.

In a wide-ranging discussion with TradeBlog, Sewall talked about some of Blount's other areas of focus for NRA 2014, including a focus on growing the Blount brand in foodservice, and of course continuing to build awareness of Blount's line of side dishes, which continue to expand distribution in their second year on the market.

"We continue to see a commoditization of product in the marketplace, with "what" the product is taking a back seat to how restaurants get it and what it costs," pointed out Sewall.  "Blount is never going to sacrifice quality in order to achieve some magical price point that lowers our product standards to a level of sameness with everyone else."

Sewall believes that if the package says "Blount" on it, then what is inside must be exceptional, and be of a quality that any chef would be honored to serve it to customers.

Sewall invites everyone attending this year's NRA show to stop by booth #1631 to sample for themselves just what quality soups and side dishes, handmade with fresh ingredients in small batches tastes like.