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Chowder On The Deck

Like it came from the docks.

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As we enter the warmer days of Spring more people are looking to enjoy a meal out in the sunshine and retailers are changing it up as well. Without a doubt eyes will be shifting toward the seafood, meat and prepared foods departments of grocery stores everywhere. After all, it’s grilling season.

Whether you are grilling burgers or boiling lobster out on the deck, there should always be a dish to accompany the main course (if not precede it).

Blount's New England clam chowderA pot of delicious, creamy clam chowder makes the perfect accompaniment. Consider this to better understand why clam chowder fits so perfectly:

It’s the first Friday evening of summer and you have been waiting to kick it off with a dinner that fits the season perfectly. You are quite certain that a lobster dinner will fit the bill, but you are also well aware that preparing those bad boys is time consuming and will likely take you away from your guests for a time.

The meal requires something else that is both filling and filled with flavor, yet easy to make.

You can see where this is headed, can’t you?

New England style clam chowder is the perfect pairing: a creamy broth with tender potatoes seasoned to perfection will only make your customers’ mouths water for what comes next: lobster and laughter in a relaxed environment with good friends!

Ah, yes, summer is just around the corner...

Blount Fine Foods produces fresh, premium clam chowder for both retailers and restaurants that can easily fit into any summer menu. With Blount’s products, your customers won’t have to worry about soup from a can diminishing the class of their dinner either; all of our soups are made fresh and packaged in microwaveable cups and four pound boil-in bags that are always ready to go.