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Countdown to @NatProdExpo #ExpoEast: Blount Sustainability

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As we continue to count down to this week’s Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, we thought we would share a few facts about Blount Fine Foods’ commitment to environmental sustainability.

Blount Fine Foods isn’t just a company with an amazing lineup of organic soups and side dishes, we are a company committed to excellence in all areas of our business, including environmental sustainability.

We are dedicated to protecting our natural resources and we employ “Three R” (reduce, reuse, and recycle) programs, which are directed by the corporate engineering team, and are supported by associates at every level of our company (because we walk the walk).

Blount makes major investments to reduce energy, gas, and water consumption. We have installed high-efficiency refrigeration, high-pressure steam systems, and advanced food production equipment and controls.  Blount works continuously to reduce waste at the source, and engineers new products to minimize waste, and emphasize the use of recyclable packaging materials.

2013 Blount Fine Foods Corporate Sustainability Results:

  • Recycled over 245 tons of cardboard and paper.
  • Blount energy management programs have installed variable capacitor banks, high-efficiency lighting systems, solar power, and variable speed drives (VFDs) that are now providing energy savings totaling over 392,000kWh, per year.
  • During the past year, Blount’s energy savings and pollution prevention programs have improved the environmental impact of Blount operations by reducing greenhouse gas (including carbon dioxide) emissions by more than 300,000 pounds annually.

Blount Solar Energy System 

2013 marked the 2nd full year of operation for Blount’s 100KW renewable energy solar system, which is now a major source of emissions-free energy to power our Fall River, Massachusetts gourmet soups and sides manufacturing facility, which is also our headquarters.

We evaluate our corporate sustainability programs continuously, and implement appropriate technology to improve the environmental impact of all Blount Fine Foods operations.  Our engineers regularly performs combustion gas analysis to optimize, and reduce emissions from process steam boiler systems; we employ predictive maintaining technologies, including infrared thermal imaging, oil spectral analysis and equipment vibration monitoring to ensure peak equipment performance; and uses biological reactors to naturally remove biological oxygen demand (BOD) from wastewater effluent streams.

Perhaps most importantly, we don’t use our successes with sustainability as an advantage.  We have a long-standing policy of sharing proven successes with customers, vendors and other food industry partners to maximize the collective benefit to the environment.