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Happy Thanksgiving!

While we give thanks, we also give back.

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Around here, we don’t typically stop to give thanks without also taking a moment to also give back.  It’s not how we do business; it’s how we live our lives – from the mailroom to marketing, and from the production floor to the sales call. 

True to that spirit of giving back, ‘tis the season for Bob’s Big Give to be actively giving out in our community.  Fresh off receiving it’s official designation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Bob and a few of his elves were out and about this week dropping off turkey dinners for 150 families in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Here are the travel notes shared by Rachael Girard (right, of Blount marketing) and Myvette Sousa (left, Bob’s executive assistant):

The first stop was at Clements' Marketplace in Portsmouth, RI, to purchase turkeys and five-pound bags of potatoes (these are Clements' team members loading our truck). Clements' is not only a great store that sells great products, but is a good friend to Bob’s Big Give. A big thanks to Clements' for their generous discounts in helping make this donation possible.

You’ll notice the potatoes are from Lacerda’s Farm, which is also in Portsmouth (We source locally whenever possible.  Think global.  Act local!).  Another big thank you to the generous folks at Lacerda.

The guys at Clements' handled loading the turkeys, and then Rachael passed the potatoes to Myvette to finish loading the Blount Sprinter van before heading off to start deliveries.

The deliveries consisted of Holiday Meal Kits, which included a turkey big enough for a whole family to enjoy a hearty Thanksgiving meal together. Accompanying the turkey were potatoes, stuffing, canned vegetables and cranberry, and of course gravy, all packed in reusable grocery sacks.

Our delivery route consisted of two stops, a re-stock and then one last big stop.

Clairborne Pell Elementary School in Newport, RI, was Stop #1.  There we left 26 meals for children from families in need.  The school outreach program handled identifying the families and getting the meal kits to them, for which we are of course, very thankful.

It was the same drill at Stop #2, which was the Joseph Gaudet School, also in Portsmouth.  This time the delivery was 15 meal kits.

At this point, our fully-packed van was thinned out quite a bit, so we headed back to Blount to restock with not only more contents for the individual holiday meal kits, but also for food packed for foodservice that could easily be used for large, church-based holiday meals.

When we got back to Blount, Joswe and Myvette met and the dock, where he helped us load cases of Blount Mac & Cheese and other comfort foods for our last stop, which was at Faith & Hope Baptist Church in Providence RI.

There, an amazing group of volunteers joined Pastor Jim Davis, a former employee of Blount Fine Foods, in unloading the van and stocking the meal kits.  This stop will provide 100 meals to families in our community this Thanksgiving.

If you are doing the math as you read this, you realize we’ve delivered 141 meals at this point.  The last nine were given to individuals identified by a friend who works in a local social service agency.

In total, that was 150 full family meals, all donated and delivered free of charge because of generous support of colleagues, friends and family that believe in what Bob Sewall does with Bob’s Big Give. 

We are proud of the contribution we made at this family-centric time of year, and the comfort it will bring.  We also realize there are many, many more families out there struggling with what life throws their way.

As Bob gives thanks to all who supported Bob’s Big Give this year, he also asked us to remind our readers that there is still time for donations to make an impact for Christmas this year.

As he has said for the last ten-plus years, “give if you can, and don’t sweat it if you can’t.”

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