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Newsclip: Deli Market News covers launch of Savory Harvest Bisque

"Blount Debuts Organic Savory Harvest Bisque Soup"

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Blount Fine Foods is expanding its premium line of hand-crafted soups with its new Organic Savory Harvest Bisque.

This new item, which the company says was created specifically to “keep us warm and happy” as we approach the cold winter months, offers consumers a unique flavor experience that includes sweet butternut squash and carrots pureed with ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon, and finished with diced apples, sweet potatoes, and just a hint of rosemary.

Organic Savory Harvest Bisque

Bob Sewall, Blount's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, is confident that Blount's culinary team nailed this soup.

“This soup, with its layered flavors, striking color, gentle texture, and pleasing aroma, appeals in the most wonderful of ways to four of the five senses,” said Sewall.

Blount Organics Savory Harvest Bisque is certified organic andcertified vegetarian. It is available for immediate order, and ships refrigerated in cases of six, 16-ounce cups with an SRP of $5.99. All Blount Organics soups have a 50-day shelf life, according to a press release.


Blount introduced this latest addition at the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, MD.


The company also featured other soups in its popular line, including Organic Tomato Bisque, Organic Vegetarian Chili, Organic Lentil & Chick Pea Soup, and Organic Ancient Grain Minestrone Soup.