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Once again, “Winter is coming!”

Will it be another doozie?

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About a year ago, we harnessed the Stark family motto to remind our readers that winter is just around the corner.  And what a winter it was here in New England, where we are headquartered!  Boston saw a stretch of blizzards like never before. 

And old Mother Nature tried to play tricks on those of us in the Northeast.  By mid-January, most of the Northeast had not seen a single snowflake, and temperatures had been so unseasonably warm that lots of folks were thinking about how they might spend all the money they were saving on their heating and snow-removal budgets.

So, how did that work out?  Well, as plows cleared the streets from the first few storms, they eventually ran out of places to put the additional snow that came from subsequent storms, so they trucked it to a makeshift “snow farm” in Boston’s booming Seaport district.  The pile, which CNN’s Kevin Conlon described as “a wicked cruel souvenir from what was a wicked brutal winter,” topped out at more than 75 feet high.

That pile didn’t finish melting until July 14, 2015!

So what might that mean as we head into Winter 2016?

It doesn’t matter if you get your forecast from the Farmers’ Almanac or The Weather Channel, or NOAA, all are calling for a tough winter. 

While we're not sure whether John Snow is really dead or alive, all of us at Blount Fine Foods do have a weather forecast for the months ahead.  It calls for plenty of this:

And intermittent servings of this: