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#TBT – As sales expand, so goes facilities growth

A look at plant expansion over the years

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Blount Fine Foods comes from humble beginnings, but there has always been a vision in place that management pursues.  For this #TBT, we thought we would take a look at facility expansion, which has always been directly linked to the expansion of sales, and always about having the space and equipment to ensure quality products are delivered to customers as-promised and better-than-expected.

Our founder, Nelson Blount opened the company in 1946 in a small plant on the water in Warren, Rhode Island. For the next 58 years, as business grew, the facility in Warren followed suit. (Notice the two peaked roofs in the photo above).

By 2000, Blount's Warren, RI headquarters had grown as much as possible.

Beginning almost immediately, but especially under the leadership of Ted Blount, the Warren plant was expanded until there was nowhere left to grow, and by 2000, it was just about maxed-out.  Can you see the two peaked rooflines where the original buildings had been almost swallowed up by expansion projects?  By then, it was clearly time to start exploring and planning for another location.

Blount's brand new Fall River, Mass. Headquarters in 2004

Fast-forward to 2004, in the early days of Todd Blount’s leadership the company moved into a brand new, 65,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility and headquarters in Fall River, Mass.

Blount's Fall River HQ from the air in 2015

The location may change, but the song remains the same: it wasn’t long before sales growth once again pushed production to outgrow our brand new space. Since opening, there have been three major expansion projects. And there are already strategic plans for the next two.

Please do stay tuned…