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#TBT: Old-School Corporate Communications

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Photo of an issue of Blount's "Whitecap News" from 1985“Corporate culture” is an omnipresent topic on the minds of management around the world today, but has not always been that way.  In fact, while it is so important today that some organizations have titles like Chief People & Culture Officer, or Evangelist in Chief, twenty years ago, managing corporate culture meant little more than checking to see if employees enjoyed their jobs and found the workplace fulfilling. 

Here at Blount, our corporate culture of teamwork, safety, quality and family have been important for generations.  And communication inside the company and out has also mattered, especially internally.

The photo opposite shows one of the institutions that helped nurture a coherent Blount corporate culture.  Whitecap News was published intermittently during the 1980s and 1990s.  We hope we are still this forward-leaning in our approach to using communication to foster a shared vision and positive culture here at Blount.

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