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Snowed in and hungry for Soup

... Know that we're busy inside.

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Snowy look out the windowIt's a cold, snowy day up in our neck of the woods, but weather, good or bad, never slows us down. When it is cold and nasty out, we are making soup that warms the soul. For retailers, bad weather presents a wonderful opportunity to stock your hot-to-go bar with warm-the-bones comfort food, like Blount New England Clam ChowderBlount Beef Stew and even Blount Organic Lentil & Chickpea SoupOrganic Lentil & Chickpea Soup for those hearty souls who might also be vegetarians.

On days like today, it is important to remember to stock for those who will be out braving Mother Nature, because when you do, your brand forms a lasting bond with those customers.

Blount worker carefully adds ingredients to a kettle of soup.