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When Predictions Come True: What Bell Flavors’ Chris Warsow forecast at 2015 Blount Culinary Summit is “Hot” now.

Nation’s Restaurant News: “Filipino cuisine finally hits the mainstream”

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On July 23, 2015, Chris Warsow, executive chef at Bell Flavors, stepped onto the stage to address more than 100 chefs, buyers, and managers attending the Blount Culinary Summit in picturesque Newport, R.I.  He had been invited to discuss “2015 Flavor/Ingredient Trends & Innovations” across the food industry.

As this blog reported at the time, some of the key takeaways from Chef Warsow’s session included:

  1. The most impactful innovations come when chefs and their teams look at both culinary and food science simultaneously, which is the marriage of art and science.  Then give it life through effective and persuasive communication; and
  2. There must be a balance between ingredients and food safety.

Among many other observations and predictions, Chef shared his belief that the industry should look to Southeast Asia for culinary fireworks: spicy, hot, tangy, sweet flavors, because, in his words, “Americans are clamoring for Filipino and Malaysian flavors.”

Well, fast forward to this month and one can see validation of Chef Warsow’s forecast in the current issue of Nation’s Restaurant News, and an article featured in today’s eNewsletter titled “Filipino cuisine finally hits the mainstream

This is just one example of the forward-looking dialog that happens at the Blount Culinary Summit. Will you be invited to the next one? Would you like to be?