Blount Fine Foods

Inward values

Remaining true to time-honored values 

In today’s world, reasons for trust can be hard to find.  Blount draws on generations of doing things right, and doing the right thing. You and your customers can place their trust in the Blount name, and we’ve summarized some of the principle reasons why.

The best products, period – One taste of any Blount offering confirms it. Before the taste is a full process of shipping, packaging, producing, crafting and sourcing that is driven by great people who carry out each step with uncompromising care. Our foods are the best, more expensive, and worth it.

The ultimate customer service team – Serving you means more than selling you products; it means helping your business be successful by communicating, sharing ideas, following through and solving problems.

Great decisions -- Great decisions are not always easy, but they always involve doing the right thing. Count on Blount for decisions based on high standards of quality, safety and integrity.

Focused on mutual success – Success is in our DNA. We create the conditions for success to flourish for the entire Blount team and their families and for your company.