Blount Fine Foods Response to COVID-19

The response to COVID-19 has been the priority in our communities and here at Blount Fine Foods. At times like this, our foods become fuel that helps power our resolve as a nation to persevere.  We have taken steps to ensure that Americans continue to have access to the healthy food we produce.

 We have implemented changes across our company to support three goals:  

  1. Protect our people so they may continue to help feed the nation;  
  2. Protect the safety and integrity of our food production operations; and  
  3. Be collaborative contributors to the greater good.  

Our commitment starts with our employees, who continue to go above and beyond by taking care of themselves so that they can continue to come to work each day. To support our team, we have instituted extra precautions including: 

  • Significantly increasing our already high standards of cleanliness and sanitation across all facilities; 
  • Restricting access to our facilities;  
  • Implementing work from home for non-production staff;  
  • Modifying production schedules, and rearranging break and meeting areas to promote social distancing between our employees; 
  • Providing additional paid sick time availability for employees; and,  
  • Increasing overtime compensation rates so that our employees will receive double pay after 40 hours for overtime.   

Food safety is always our top priority to ensure that we continue to bring you authentic, delicious and nutritious food. Our team is dedicated to meeting and exceeding food safety and regulatory requirements as part of our pledge to people’s overall well-being, and we are monitoring and adjusting to changes in guidance from the USDA as well as the CDC. The FDA continues to report that there is no evidence to suggest COVID-19 is transmitted through food or food packaging.   

Finally, for the communities where we operate, Blount Fine Foods continues to supply open food banks and soup kitchens with food to meet the needs of our community.  We are also working with local agencies to meet the increasing need in our communities and working with pop-up facilities to give away truckloads of soup to the elderly, veterans, and others in need.  

As a fifth-generation family-owned company, with roots back to 1880, Blount Fine Foods has a long history of perseverance through difficult times, and we expect to endure through the challenges of today, so that we can thrive in a brighter tomorrow.