Welcome to the Blount Fine Foods Foodservice Marketing website dedicated to all things Marketing. Here you will find resources and data to help and inform your decision process in the latest and greatest when menu planning. With Technomic and research, we strive to give you the latest and greatest in trends, what’s selling, what’s new, and what you should be placing on your menu. Whether it be Soups, Sides, Sauces, Entrees and more Blount Fine Foods is here to guide you every step of the way.

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Food Service Sales Rep Territory Map

Mike Palmer #5677

Central / Midwest / National Accounts

James Swick #TBD

James Canale #5683

Estelle Goulart #2615

Matt Yusen #3863

Kristin Woodward #14007

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What's New

  • Chef’s Table

    Chef’s Table

  • NEW DECK: Fall 2020

    NEW DECK: Fall 2020

  • Your Customers Are Getting CHILI

    Your Customers Are Getting CHILI

  • Delivery


  • 10 Ways to build Soup Sales

    10 Ways to build Soup Sales

  • Perfect Sides Pairings

    Perfect Sides Pairings

  • Plant-Based Vegan Chili

    Plant-Based Vegan Chili

  • What Students Are Craving?

    What Students Are Craving?

    Find out what College students are craving, Blount Fine Foods has an array of Soups and Sides that will meet all the criteria for the student population

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  • LTO’s


    Plan ahead with some great flavors of soups, and give your customers what they are looking for- seasonal flavors!

  • Pot Pie Sliders

    Pot Pie Sliders

    A great Fall Appetizer for your menu!

  • Turn Up The Heat with these flavors

    Turn Up The Heat with these flavors

  • Get Creative- Riced Cauliflower

    Get Creative- Riced Cauliflower

    Riced Cauliflower is more popular now than ever! Check out these recipes using some of our flavors of Riced Cauliflowers as an ingredient!

  • Super Side Dishes

    Super Side Dishes

    Side dishes should be as exciting as the entrée! Blount Fine Foods can help give your customers the flavor, quality and variety they crave with the speed and convenience you need.

  • Spring Menu Planning

    Spring Menu Planning

    Planning is always a big part of keeping your menu fresh and exciting. Our premium soups are carefully crafted with only the best ingredients and packaged in our convenient, low-labor, ready-to-heat bags, designed to increase your profits.