Attention Chefs, Restaurant Owners and Special Event Caterers

For the past 25 years, Bay Shore™ products have been served in New England's finest restaurants. Busy chefs need to focus on daily specials and their preparation. They also have to have delicious chowders and bisques to serve their patrons each day. Bay Shore™ has been supplying these chefs with an easy answer - serve our tradtional, natural and small-batched chowders and bisques!

Our chowders and bisques come in heavy-duty boil-in bags, which can be placed in boiling water for heating. The food-grade plastic keeps the product fresh from our kitchen to your restaurant or party event.

All Natural Benefits

  • NO Preservatives
  • NO MSG
  • NO Hydrogenated Oils
  • NO Nitrates/Nitrites
  • Alcohol-FREE

Food Safety

  • Hot-fill, quick chill "kill step" process
  • HACCP Plan
  • FDA Regulation
  • 3rd Pary Audits: SAI Global
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP's)
  • Process Control Testing
  • Integrated Food Defense Program

If you would like to learn more about the wholesale product line for your business, simply contact us at 800-274-2526 or via email at

The consumer trend: Dining out is a treat, a special experience. Blount & Bay Shore satisfies consumer expectations with premium-quality soups, side dishes and sauces that enhance your restaurants’ sales and profits. Blount makes it easy and labor-saving with, for example, heat & eat gourmet soups, sides, meals and more in wide-ranging inspired varieties that taste as fresh as if made in your own kitchen.