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Our Partners

As we set the standard for sourcing premium ingredients, our commitment to crafting premium products starts with the trust of our purveyors - which are a big part of Blount’s Family Kitchen success. We partner with farmers, cheese makers and meat purveyors who take great pride in cultivating their products and are committed to food safety and sustainability.

Cheese Merchants Bartlet, IL


Day-in and day-out, our goal is to deliver the freshest, highest quality products with superior customer service. It’s why we have invested heavily in our new 277,000 square-foot processing facility, and why we continue to add specialty cheeses to our line of high-quality hard cheeses sourced from the finest cheese makers in the world.

Ed Miniat
South Holland, IL

Beef & Pork
Miniat has a rich heritage that began over 100 years ago, when a Lithuanian immigrant began peddling meat in the former stockyards of Chicago. Today, we provide opportunities for our employees to grow and learn and keep a steady regard for human and animal values when providing protein solutions.

The Mushroom Company Cambridge, Maryland

The Mushroom Company's uncompromising fresh product quality and strict processing procedures combine to ensure that our mushrooms rival the freshly picked ones in flavor, texture, and color.

Nova Cotopaxi Ecuador

Grown at an elevation of over 8000 feet, Nova’s Vertical Integration for assuring product quality and availability is unmatched. This elevation eliminates the use of pesticides, and grows a uniform floret making the broccoli consistent in taste and color. As an Environmentally Responsible and Healthy Agricultural company we produce and dispatch safe foods that maintain quality standards taking care of good health and well-being of the consumers lives.

Britain, CT

With a history of continuous growth, Guida’s Dairy has become one of the leading milk processors in New England. Having a modern state of the art plant, Guida’s offers an extensive line of fluid milk, cream, and a variety of other dairy products. Guida's Dairy pledges, along with our farmer partners, that all Guida's Dairy fluid milk products come from cows that do not receive artificial growth hormones.

California Dairies Visalia, CA

As a member-owned milk marketing and processing cooperative, California Dairies, Inc. is co-owned by nearly 400 California producers who ship 16 billion pounds (7.3 million metric tons) of milk annually. Our unique cooperative structure ensures that our processing and marketing efforts return economic value to dairy families, helping to build a sustainable industry and vibrant communities.

NPC Processing, Inc. Shelburne, VT

Ground Beef
NPC’s operation ranges from all-natural to grass-fed to a multitude of custom blends. Owned and operated by third-generation butchers, NPC Processing, Inc. and Custom Food Products, Inc. (CFP) have become known for award-winning personal service, quick turnaround time, attention to detail, and the willingness to develop innovative solutions for customers.

Morning Star Woodland, CA

Tomatoes and Tomato Paste
Located in both northern and southern California, the world's most prolific tomato growing region, The Morning Star Company is not just another manufacturer of bulk tomato products. Our commitment is to provide excellent product quality - with excellent service. We take an active role in making the lives of our customers better through cost effectiveness, excellent service and superior customer support.

Newly Weds Foods Mexico

It takes an exceptional combination of food scientists and culinary professionals to successfully launch new products. Our “Gold Standard” recipes showcase our unique capabilities to bring new ideas to market. Our formulation experts take those recipes and translate them into process ready components that remain true to the original “Gold Standard” recipe.

Zerega Pasta Fair Lawn, NJ

Since 1848, America's Leading Custom Pasta Maker. Zerega is the leading producer of custom pasta for the food processing, foodservice, and retail markets. Using the finest ingredients and state-of-the-art equipment, we produce 250 million pounds of dry pasta each year in over 300 varieties. Working side-by-side with America's most innovative food companies, we supply pasta with the ideal shape, dimensions, and formulation so it performs perfectly in all applications and maintains its shape, taste, and texture.

Boardman Foods Inc.


For over 20 years, our quality, service, and reliability have enabled us to be a key onion supplier to the top food companies in the world. Whether your needs are fresh, whole peeled, or frozen onions, our company is ready to serve. Committed to exceeding expectations of our customers, fellow team members and other colleagues. Our passion and motivation to expand our product lines, while providing exceptional service and quality will be achieved by continuing to build strong relationships with all persons and companies with which we do business. Our dedication to integrity, quality and sustainability delivers exceptional value.

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