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Balance High Craft with Low Labor

Restaurant Business highlights ways to innovate in the kitchen

Restaurant BusinessCreating a recipe from scratch is both time-consuming and costly in terms of labor. Restaurants can find themselves at a loss when trying to maintain a rotating menu that is consistently made up of unique and flavorful options. Restaurant Business shares with us a few ways to keeps things fresh and appetizing when it comes to crafting new menu items.

Excerpts are taken from Restaurant Business article.

This article, sponsored by Blount Fine Foods, highlights the key areas in which businesses can find innovation in the kitchen. Starting from scratch demands a lot of prep time and can weigh your kitchen staff down. Blount Fine Foods has experience with creating new and fun recipes with our own pre-made dishes like loaded baked sweet potato with turkey chili or broccoli cheddar with chicken & pasta. These make for delicious and filling meals that will turn customers’ heads.

“Three ways to accomplish both goals are relying on versatile ingredients, leaning on speed-scratch options and adding finishing touches with impact.”

“Ingredients that can do double or triple duty are lifesavers for many restaurants and retailers. It starts with a well-engineered menu that finds ways to maximize a smaller inventory of basic ingredients. Items like housemade gravies, sauces and dressings can make multiple appearances across the right menu mix. “

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