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Happy Halloween!

How to balance out the night's high intake of sugar

Jack o lantern 2016If your ghosts and goblins are heading out to trick-or-treat this evening, chances are very good that they will be sampling their haul while making their rounds building up quite the sugar high. So how can you balance out this sugar intake upon their return home? Blount Fine Foods has a few solutions for you!

Most parents have learned that to ban such a time-honored tradition accomplishes little more than to make the kids desire that which is forbidden even more. If you can’t ban it, perhaps you can blunt it.  Some studies have shown that protein is a “neutral food for blood sugar levels,” and can help “yield a better overall blood sugar response” when lots of sugar is consumed in a short period of time.


With that in mind, here are a few good Blount products to have ready when your little ones return from their appointed rounds this evening:

Beef ChiliBlount Beef Chili with BeansWith almost three times as many grams of protein as sugar, this classic chili of ground beef, red and green bell peppers and kidney beans simmered in a rich, chunky tomato sauce with traditional spices is perfect.


Chic NoodleBlount Chicken Noodle SoupWith only 2 grams of sugar per serving to 7 grams of protein, and packed with large tender chunks of white chicken meat in a wonderful chicken broth with plenty of vegetables and egg pasta, your little devils might just forget about their bag of candy for a little while.


NE stew wbeefBlount New England Stew with BeefBeef stew made the old fashion way: simple and delicious! Generous cuts of tender Angus beef, pearl onions, potatoes and select vegetables are simmered to perfection in a savory beef stock. Better yet, 15 grams of protein per serving to only 4 grams of sugar.



Happy Halloween from all of us at Blount Fine Foods!