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The container makes a difference

Remember that thermos you used to carry around all the time that you could fill up with hot soup on a cold day? Well here is a little fun fact on that special container.

thermosThe vacuum flask was designed and invented by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892 as a result of his research in the field of cryogenics. However, due to Dewar’s refusal to patent his invention two German glassblowers picked up on his idea, discovered its commercial use, and began developing and selling thermos technology of their own.

A Viennese inventor and merchant named Gustav Robert Paalen soon picked up on the technology and designed various types for domestic use, which he also patented, and distributed through his Thermos Bottle Companies in the U.S. and Canada. The name "thermos" became a household name for such a liquid container and the product is one we all know and use today.