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Bob Sewall and Progressive Grocer tackle the reality of DIY gourmet side dishes

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Blount EVP Bob Sewall 2014 300pxWideBob Sewall, the Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Blount Fine Foods, debunks the myth that says it’s easy for today’s consumers to recreate any Gourmet-style side dish at home. Continue on to read what Bob has to say in this Progressive Grocer’s Straight Talk article sponsored by Blount Fine Foods.




Myth: It is easy for today’s consumers to recreate any Gourmet-style side dish at home.


If gourmet recipes were easy for anyone to replicate at home, grocers would only carry ingredients. And if you’re reading this, you know that’s absolutely not true.

While it is true that consumers today demonstrate greater levels of curiosity in the kitchen, and have access to a seemingly endless supply of culinary instruction from websites like YouTube, AllRecipes. com, Instagram and Facebook, today’s overworked and overloaded consumer lists “simplification” at the top of their priorities.

While it may be a treat to spend a Saturday afternoon in the kitchen preparing a four-course DIY masterpiece of a meal, the vast majority of consumers who undertake such an adventure wake up the next morning and shudder at the thought of doing it again.

It is no accident that the prepared foods area in the grocery store has been enjoying a strong run of sustained growth. And the better the offering, the more the growth. This is because some dishes require specialized skills honed through hundreds of hours of practice. These skills are not acquired via an eight-minute video and refined on a Saturday afternoon.

And that’s to say nothing of the hard-to-find, tricky-to-prepare ingredients needed, so little of which are used that the cost of preparing the meal at home goes through the roof?

No, the reality is that consumers may wish to dabble in creative culinary delights from time to time, but they wish to enjoy such meals every day. For this, they are turning to their local grocer more and more. And when it comes to finding premium soups and unique side dishes made with clean labels and wholesome ingredients, you can count on companies like mine to bring you a diverse offering your shoppers will love.

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