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What is an Odyssey without soup?

The Greek Spartans consume ‘black soup’ also mentioned as the ‘soup of the heroes’ in the Iliad written by Homer. Apparently this soup was quite the snack for your typical Greek odyssey. There is no recorded recipe or way to boil up this particular dish but historians have a few guesses.

Greek PotteryThe soup was white onion broth, and a mix of oil, acids, spices and vegetable juices or perhaps a much more unsavory combination of boiled pigs' legs, blood, salt and vinegar. It is thought that the vinegar was used as an emulsifier to keep the blood from clotting during the cooking process. It is no wonder the exact recipe has been lost to the sands of time.

The ancient Spartan melas zomos, or black soup / black broth, was a staple soup and mainly fed the armies of Sparta. It was not a delicacy, but used for sustenance and strength.