Blount Fine Foods


Next Up, NRA!

The year's major restaurant tradeshow kicks off May 17, in Chicago.


Blount Introduces Lasagna Soup for Foodservice

Delicious New Broth-based Soup Balances Nostalgic Flavor With Modern Dietary Trends

“The flavor is unmistakable, and brings me right back to Sundays at my grandmother’s house when I was a child.”


Foodservice Most Wanted

Meet our most popular foodservice soups

Foodservice Most Wanted

At Blount, we make hundreds of different soup recipes, each one handmade and delicious. Here are a few of our most popular products.


Blount Wins Manufacturing Excellence Award from Providence Business News

PBN Says "Blount builds a history of making the right moves"

Blount Fine Foods is one of the region’s most recognized family businesses. It has been processing food since 1946, starting with frozen shellfish. The Blount name signifies strength in manufacturing traditions, but its explosive growth also proves that there’s a forward-thinking strategy at play.

The successes in Blount’s recent past and the firm’s optimistic corporate outlook have earned it many recent awards and accolades from sources including the Family Business Association, Ernst & Young, Boston Business Journal and Providence Business News. The company has operations in Warren and Fall River.