What’s the best method for heating Blount soups?
The best way to heat your soup is to drop the refrigerated bag in boiling water for approximately 20 minutes. Carefully remove the bag from the water, cut it open and pour into your serving dish. We do not recommend you microwave our bags of soup
The product I bought is refrigerated. Can I freeze it?
For best results, we recommend you serve your refrigerated product right away. If you'd like to freeze it, you can, as long as it is frozen before the use by date on the package. Once frozen, it will last nine months from that date in your freezer.
I heated your product and still have some leftover. Can I refreeze it after it’s been heated?
No, we do not recommend you refreeze the product after it has been heated. The best way to store it after it has been heated is to let it cool to 39°F or less, then cover and store it in your refrigerator for up to 3 days.
Is your soup ready-to-serve or condensed?
All Blount’s soups are all ready-to-serve. No need to add anything – just heat and serve.
Do your products contain trans fats?
We avoid ingredients containing partially hydrogenated oils, therefore our products do not contain artificial trans fats. In some cases, naturally occurring trans fats may be present due to ingredients from animal sources such as beef or dairy products.
Is there MSG in any of your products?
We do not add monosodium glutamate (MSG) to any of our products. However, because MSG can be found naturally occurring in many foods such as tomatoes, cheeses, yeast extracts, and more, we cannot say that all products are “MSG Free”. The level of naturally occurring MSG is far below the threshold for triggering a reaction in someone with a sensitivity.
Are your soups kosher?
Unfortunately, we currently do not offer any soups that are kosher.
I have food allergies. How will I know if I can eat any of your soups?
We take food allergies very seriously at Blount. If you suffer from a food allergy, we recommend you review each and every ingredient statement carefully before consuming one of our products. Our manufacturing facility does not use peanuts, but we do use coconut which is considered a tree nut. We also have products that contain milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat, and soy.
What is Nisin Preparation in your ingredient list? Is it considered a dairy product?

Nisin Preparation is a natural antimicrobial and is used throughout the food industry as a natural method of extending shelf life, and is used in very small amounts. There is no food allergy risk associated with Nisin Preparation and there is no dairy in this ingredient. It does not contain antibiotics nor enzymes of any kind.