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Where do I find the Best By date on my Blount Clam Shack sauce product?

The Best By date is printed (along with the lot code) directly on the glass in black ink above the label.

Do your sauces need to be refrigerated?

Our sauces must be refrigerated after opening.

Why does the sauce look separated before I have even opened it for the first time?

Some separation may occur due to the all natural ingredients we use. Simply give the bottle a good shake and enjoy!

How long will my bottle of sauce last once open and refrigerated?

You may refrigerate any variety of our Blount Clam Shack sauces up to the Best-By date on the bottle after opening.

Where are the packaging materials for your products sourced?

All of our packaging components are produced in the United States. For example, unlike many of our competitors who source their glass bottles and jars from China and India, all of our glass containers are produced in the United States!

Do you process any allergens on your production line?

Yes, please reference our product labels for allergen claims.

We take our responsibility of eliminating the risk of allergen cross-contamination and ensuring the safety of consumers very seriously. We have comprehensive standard operating procedures for the handling of known allergens, including but not limited to: employee training, separate storage areas for allergen ingredients and an allergen sanitation cycle of all equipment between production batches which is validated by allergen testing prior to the next production run. As an added precaution, we schedule our allergen items for production on separate days or at the end of the day whenever possible.

Additionally, our facility is SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified and items which are labeled as Gluten-Free have been certified to be in compliance by the GFCO (Gluten-Free Certification Organization). Both certifications require very strict adherence to our allergen control procedures. Audits and inspections are performed by the certifying agencies to verify our system’s effectiveness.

Are peanuts processed on your production line?

No, we made the decision many years ago to not process peanuts in our facility.